Investment Systems

Get More Client and Prospect Assets

We built our program to help you sell more.

• More Annuities      • More Life insurance      • More AUM

We have a proprietary planning software that helps you get more assets more often from perspective clients as well and existing clients. 

It is built on our trade marked philosophy:
Losses Hurt You More Than Gains Help You

As your Clients and Prospects leave the day-to-day workforce and begin their adventure into retirement, life changes, their goals change, and their source of income changes. 

  • Your clients no longer have a paycheck to depend on.
  • They must live on the money saved over their lifetime.
  • During the tech and housing collapses retirement fund dropped 50% or more. Could your clients afford to have 50% less in their retirement paycheck or have to come out of retirement?
  • That’s why Losses hurt so much more during retirement.

Learn how to gather more assets from High-Quality Prospects by leveraging our proprietary planning software and our investment philosophy!

BHFM has helped me build a business where I don’t have to worry about where the next lead is coming from. They taught me how to build a successful practice that makes money even when I’m not there!

Mark, Missouri

Using the Money Now Campaign, I was able to close a case for over 2M! Leveraging the Longevity software and risk graphs, I was able to put an income plan together that made it easy and did all the work. I look forward to continuing to work with BHFM on my next client.

Alan, Maryland

Three years ago I was on my way out of this business. Then I met Scott with BHFM. That meeting changed everything. Thanks to his program, I now have a strong, thriving business and I’m even in the process of expanding.”

Jason, Oklahoma

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