Lesson 1

Lesson 1 BHFM and The Stoic Advisor

Weekly Habits for Success – Daily Task to The Habits for Success

“Adopt new habits…consolidate your principles by putting them into practice” – Epictetus

As promised in training last week, we will be sending you emails several times per week for the next several weeks. These emails are going to be designed to not only give you tasks to perform but also to help you develop “the habits of success”.

Good habits are critically important to your success. Performing a task is not enough, you must develop “the habits of success” to put yourself in the mindset of success.

Even the development of small habits can pay huge dividends over time. Each habit is designed to build on the last. Each new habit will build momentum and gain mass. The more mass you gain, the easier it becomes to gain more mass. That is the kind of outsized impact that habits can produce.

But it works both ways – good habits lead to success, while bad habits lead to failure and other problems.

So, we’ll not only be working on developing good habits, we’ll also be working on replacing bad habits with “the habits of success”.

And to be clear, this is nothing new. The importance of good habits and the impact they can have on your life dates back thousands of years. As most of you know, I have been a proponent of Stoicism for much of my life. The Stoics believed that practicing the right habits is essential to accomplishing one’s life goals. If you want to have the best life possible, you are always striving to accomplish goals. That means performing the daily tasks associated with accomplishing your goals.

Let’s dig down into what it means to perform the daily tasks associated with accomplishing your goals.

To put it simply, it means HARD WORK.

All great things come through hard work. The sense of satisfaction you feel when you’ve not only accomplished your goal but have truly EARNED IT through hard work is second to none.

Marcus Aurelius forced himself out of bed each morning to prepare for the day ahead.  He would start his day by journaling. He would write out not just his tasks for the day, but also write about whatever was on his mind. He might recall a story or lesson from his youth that sprang to mind. He might remind himself of words of wisdom that he would need to get through the day. But most importantly, he used this time in the morning as “his time” to learn something worthwhile.

Seneca used this time in the morning to write in his journal and correspond with his friends. He liked to watch the beauty of the sunrise (and of the sunset). He liked to find little things that most passed over, but which contained innate beauty or life lessons. He, like many Stoics, used this time to perform short and simple exercises which quickly tired out his body.

For successful people, habits are not “life hacks” or things we do to later brag about, and they certainly aren’t hollow “resolutions”. They are the embodiment of their beliefs, put to action. There is no need to brag about them. The results are clear to any who choose to look.

In a crazy world filled with unpredictability, good habits are a safe haven of certainty that lead you to the success you desire and insulate you from the entropy of the world. Your habits create order in a world moving towards disorder – a world trying to drag you into its disorder.

Over the coming weeks, we are going to give you daily activities to perform that will help you develop the habits that will transform your life. Habits that will allow you to take disorder and turn it into order. When you fully choose to follow our advice and make these activities part of your daily routine, you will:

  • Find more time to do the things you want to do
  • Do those things better and enjoy them more
  • Enhance your connection with life and the people in your life
  • More easily see and experience the beauty of the life that surrounds you

These are just some of the many benefits you will receive. Benefits that are not just professional, but personal as well.

Now, a word of warning. Knowing a habit is not the same as practicing it. You will be developing many of these habits from scratch. Some days you won’t feel like working on the habits. But that doesn’t matter. As you learned last week, you have to DO YOUR JOB, NO MATTER WHAT.

I am confident that the tasks we’re going to give you and the techniques we’re going to teach you will work. They are completely time tested, many of them have been in use for decades, some for centuries and others for millennia. But in the end, YOU have to do the work.

If at any time you feel discouraged or like taking a day off, that is the most important time to get on the phone and call Ben Quinney, Andy Dodge or Scott Brooks. We’re here to help you!

What you can expect over the coming weeks are emails from us that:

  1. Detail new habits to focus on that week (some will be professional, some personal)
  2. Detail tactics that will help you kick start your new habits and how to keep them on track until they just become “who you are”- an unconscious part of your life and daily routine
  3. Detail how to use these new habits to build on each other, thus making each new habit more effective. This compounding effect will play a massive role in the upward trajectory of your life and business!
  4. Review the new habits and show you how you can self-assess your own progress

We are here and dedicated to your success. Not only will we help you build the exact business you want, but we will help you add real value to the world. We want to help you bless the lives of as many clients as possible so that they can accomplish all their retirement goals and achieve their highest retirement values. If we help you do that, then we can rest assured that we’ve helped each of you accomplish your life’s goals and achieve your highest values.

Helping you accomplish your goals and achieve your highest values is the ultimate goal of BHFM.

Your journey begins tomorrow…