Lesson 30

Lesson 30: BHFM and The Stoic Advisor

Weekly Habits for Success - Daily Task to The Habits for Success


I found it very surprising to learn that philosophers considered eating healthy and exercising to be part of their “job” as a philosopher.

Antoninus Pius, the adopted stepfather of Marcus Aurelius and one of the quietly great Roman Emperors, kept a simple diet so his exercise didn’t need to be strenuous and time-consuming, and he could therefore be more available to serve the people. Seneca writes of the “profit we get from daily exercise.” Musonius Rufus points out that we are equal parts body and soul so “someone in training must pay attention to both.”

The Stoics believed that “life was a kind of battle”, and therefore it was important to always keep oneself in fighting shape and at fighting weight.

Marcus Aurlelius liked to say that “Life is warfare, and you have to be ready for it”. So he kept himself in shape and always ready. He knew that when you don’t feel good, it’s hard to be a good person, let alone striving to be the best you could be.  People who are not happy with themselves or the way they look will lack patience and empathy and will find it difficult to exhibit maximum kindness towards others.

A person who is not happy with the way they feel or the way they look isn’t someone who attracts high-quality clients to want to engage your services. High-quality clients are attracted to advisors who have their lives in harmony with the way of the world and who are at peace with their journey towards success. Why? Because high-quality prospects can sense whether you are confident, strong, kind, and a caring person or whether you’re just someone trying to sell them a product so you can make enough money to keep the wolves at bay.

So to end this month, we want you to be more holistic in your review of your progress. Review all of what we’ve taught you. Take a few minutes and really look into each and every new task and habit from this month and then ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s been the best part of your daily walk?
  • What have been some unexpected side-benefits from exercising?
  • Did you see any small issues around your neighborhood (e.g. litter, piles of leaves, or snow) that you could help with?

NEW TASKS: Honestly assess every single new habit and task since the beginning of your time with BHFM and ask yourself what you did right, what you did wrong, and how you are going to do better in the future. Then ask yourself how each habit has helped make you a better person, a better parent, a better husband, a better financial advisor, and a better businessman/woman.

NEW HABIT: Perform this new task (see above) on the last weekend of every month. Add it to your Excel spreadsheet and track that you’re doing this monthly task like clockwork. Although you’ll only do this once per month, it is ABSOLUTELY VITAL that you get it done, so you’ll need to put it on your schedule to ensure you always remember to do it.