Lesson 32

Lesson 32: BHFM and The Stoic Advisor

Weekly Habits for Success - Daily Task to The Habits for Success

“The things you think about determine the quality of your mind. Your soul takes on the color of your thoughts. Color it with a run of thoughts like these...” —Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 5.16

Bad relationships cost us pain and sometimes money. But you must risk the occasional bad relationship to find the many good relationships that await you.

Pete Holmes talks about painful relationships in his book, Comedy Sex God. Pete’s wife cheated on him and they divorced. He began to doubt his firmly held religious beliefs and his faith in humanity as a whole. He became content with isolation and put-up walls to stop any future pain.

But then Pete had an epiphany - a mantra came to mind that lifted him above and over his own walled-in world. It was just three simple words: “Yes, thank you!” When good things happened to him, he would say, “Yes, thank you!” When bad things happened, he would say, “Yes, thank you!”. That mantra led to an HBO series that Pete wrote and starred in.

Why? He found strength in understanding that “sh#t happens” and you just have to make the best of it!

Even through all his depression and doubts, Pete found a way to not just live again, but to be truly alive and find the joy and pleasure in all that was around him.

And you… what are you using to build walls around you? What pain has happened in your life that is causing you to miss the beauty of the world around you and the joy that is inherent in life?

It’s there to be found. Even with all the bad that is going on in the world, it’s there for the taking. That’s why we’re talking this month about reaching out to other people and either rekindling old relationships or forming new ones.

There are people out there who will charge your batteries and help you find the good in the world. But even more importantly, there are people who need you to recharge their batteries. One of the best ways to lift yourself out of the doldrums is to lift someone else in need up out of theirs. Giving advice, lending an ear, offering services to another is the surest way to lift up your own spirits.

Reach out to the world, not to see who is going to help you, but who you can help. Are you struggling with your presentations to your prospects? Find someone else who is as well and work together to teach each other. Reach out to your BHFM rep and give them the opportunity to serve you, to help you… that’s the ultimate win/win. You get better and they get uplifted by doing a good job for someone else.

Reach out to the world with a helping hand and the world will give back to you!

NEW TASKS: Find someone or some cause that needs your help and give to them with no expectation of anything in return.

NEW TASKS: Talk to your accountability partner and each of you picks a task that you are going to learn and then teach that task to the other.

NEW HABIT: Find a way to give of yourself every month. Look for opportunities to serve. And remember that sometimes other people need to be lifted up by helping you out. Let them have the satisfaction of giving service to you.