Marketing Systems

Get more High-Quality Prospects to meet with daily

  • Marketing is the lifeblood of a Financial Advisor’s business.
  • Our system helps you create a constant flow of HIGH-QUALITY PROSPECTS coming to your office every single day.

The key to success starts here:

Learn how to get a constant flow of High-Quality Leads come to your office every single day.

The Marketing systems from BHFM are paying off! I had my largest event yet and set more appointments with qualified prospects than I have ever done previously. It works, and I see it only getting better!

Clark, Missouri 

#1 reason to work with BHFM is they teach you how to build a successful practice and scale your business to new heights!  They don’t just stop at showing you how to sell more… they show you step by step what to do so that you have a business that makes money even when you’re not there!

Doug, Michigan

In the first two years of working with BHFM, my business grew from about 350k in annual production, to over 1.2M. It has been great! I look forward to continued growth and success with BHFM.

Dan, Michigan

Our marketing programs:

  • Are completely turn-key.
  • Eliminate you from the process whenever and wherever possible.
  • Are accompanied by constant detailed training on all phases.
  • Are clear, and have written, step-by-step instructions.
  • Are scripted with video examples.

Our job, every single day, is to help you grow your business!

BHFM has helped me build a business where I don’t have to worry about where the next lead is coming from. They teach you how to build a successful practice that makes money even when you’re not there!

Mark, Missouri

Using the Money Now Campaign, I was able to close a case for over 2M! Leveraging the Longevity software and risk graphs, I was able to put an income plan together that made it easy and did all the work. I look forward to continuing to work with BHFM on my next client.

Alan, Maryland

Three years ago I was on my way out of this business. Then I met Scott with BHFM. That meeting changed everything. Thanks to his program, I now have a strong, thriving business and I’m even in the process of expanding.”

Jason, Oklahoma

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